How to Prepare your Property for Potential Purchasers!

  • 2 years ago

You’ve chosen an agent, (hopefully Lune Valley Estates?), they’ve generated LOADS of interest for your property, (definitely the case if you did choose Lune Valley Estates), and your first viewing is fast approaching. So, what do you need to do?

It’s very likely that if you are using an agent, they will carry out your viewings for you, and you won’t need to even be in the house whilst prospective purchasers wander around your property. However, there are some things you can do to help sway buyers into potentially offering that little bit higher!

You definitely do not need to carry out a full renovation on your property to get it to market-standard. Although improvements may make your home appear more desirable to buyers, there are much simpler options which will help make your property shine, and not cost you an arm and a leg!


Have you spotted a few chips in your paint? Maybe your since-moved-out toddler scribbled on their bedroom wall, and you never got around to painting over it? Or did you make a bold choice when deciding to paint the kitchen bright yellow?

Any tired walls could always do with a fresh coat of paint, and it shouldn’t take too long to strip some old wallpaper that is perhaps an acquired taste.

A fresh white wall, or another neutral colour, will provide buyers with a ‘blank canvas’, allowing them to picture what they might do with the space. Anything too ‘in your face’ might distract them from this, and potentially put them off a little.


Similar to bright yellow wallpaper, too many personal artefacts and ornaments can put buyers off a little and might prevent them from envisioning the space as their own – not everyone has the same taste!

By storing away excess personal belongings, you can also make a room appear larger, and more spacious. It might even be an idea to move some furniture around to optimise the space – be self-critical, do you really need two extra-large vanity tables instead of a double bed? Of course, you might, but is that what buyers would plan to do with the space?

It’s an idea to remove any ‘pet things’ such as toys, beds, and litter trays. Although you love them, prospective buyers may not love the idea of a dog hair-filled new home. (The same applies for children, but we must be a little more careful about what we say about those!)

Outdoor space & Kerb Appeal

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, right? Well, the same applies to your property. Whether people are scrolling through Rightmove, walking past, and spotting the For Sale board, or attending a viewing, that ‘first look’ will help buyers form an opinion of your property within seconds.

Just tidying up your property’s front & rear gardens could be enough to add a little more appeal, such as sweeping up leaves, moving the lawn, removing any weeds, hosing down paving stones etc. However, if you’d like to go that extra step, you could re-paint any doors or window frames that are beginning to look a little dated? Perhaps replace the fence you’ve not touched since you moved in? It would be a great idea to repaint the front elevation, if necessary, especially if you have an older, ‘classic’ property, such as a white countryside cottage.


When you are having potential buyers round, ensuring that your property is practically spotless is essential. Cleaning surfaces and utilities before viewers arrive will not only make your home appear cleanly and inviting, but it will smell great too. Clean worktops, sinks and bathrooms are the most important, as these are generally the areas which influence buyers’ impressions on how ‘well-kept’ the home is.

It’s also a great idea to have your windows cleaned, whether you get up there yourself or hire someone, dirty windows can distract from the great views on offer, or just make buyers think the property is a nightmare to keep clean.

If you have pets, or especially messy kids, maybe consider having your carpets and sofas cleaned too.


Although you should clear away as many personal belongings as possible, it is still a great idea to make your property feel as homely as possible for viewers. Scented candles, fresh flowers and setting the table is a great way of doing this. Using your best, clean bed sheets, plumping cushions and hiding your shoes/coats that usually line your entrance hall might also help with the presentation of your home. Other things you could do include emptying all bins, putting out fresh tea towels, storing away any toiletries in the shower/bathroom, closing the toilet seat lid, and moving cars off the driveway. However, your agent might do a lot of these things for you, if they can, depending on who you choose to list your home with of course!

It’s a great idea to do these things prior to marketing photographs with your agent, but don’t worry if your property doesn’t fit this guide 100%. Your home’s value does not depend solely on these things, but why not make it as appealing as possible to viewers!

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