Off-Market Property Sales

  • 2 years ago
Off-market property sales

Selling Property Discreetly, without Hitting the Open Market.

Off-market property sales are when a seller wishes to sell their home, but without making this public. This means their property’s address or name is not displayed on Rightmove, social media platforms, or other sales portals, and no ‘For Sale’ board is placed outside of their home.

People may request an off-market sale for a number of reasons. Sometimes, sellers simply do not want the hassle of having their home put to the open market. A discreet sale normally means less viewings, with usually more serious buyers. Agencies will only likely contact buyers who they know are in a good position to buy this type of property, and those whose requirements are well-met.

Off-market sales also allow properties to be undergoing construction or improvements whilst the agency is generating interest, as no marketing photos are needed. This also applies to properties which perhaps photograph better in the spring but are being marketed in the winter. If it is not the correct time of year to photograph the property, this won’t matter with an off-market sale.

Some vendors also just have a preference to remain private. They may simply not wish to notify the public that they are selling their home. This could be to avoid ‘neighbourhood gossip’, to stop their children finding out that their home is for sale until necessary, or to keep affairs, which are associated with the sale of their home, to themselves.

These discreet sales also can be used to trial the asking price of a property, as feedback from these ‘private’ viewers may help in deciding a price to market the property at, if they ever wish to hit the open market.

So how can you buy an off-market property?

Estate agencies have a bank of people who they will approach when listing an off-market property. By contacting an agency with a guide as to what you are looking for, they may contact you when a discreet listing matches your budget and requirements.

Off-market listings are typically matched with cash buyers, or those in very proceedable positions, so if your home is not yet on the market, (and your offer would be subject to the sale of your home), this may mean you are less likely to be contacted regarding one of these sales.

Here at Lune Valley Estates, we ask every client on our system for their property search requirements in a follow-up email or phone call. This means our network of potential buyers for off-market sales is huge, and always growing.

‘Lune Valley Hush’ is our discreet sales programme, which includes a discounted sales fee, a discreet Rightmove listing, (to still allow interest from the open market, without exposing the property’s location), and discreet social media posts. None of the properties’ identifiable features are listed, nor any exact locations. Our off-market package also includes a ‘vetting’ of potential buyers, meaning only serious buyers are invited to view our ‘hush’ listings.

Do you have a property you’d like to sell off the open market, or wish to be a ‘Hush’ buyer? Contact the office now on 015242 56625.

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